Earndone Payments Policy: Earndone wants every one of you to receive your amounts as soon as possible, but because we have a lot of users and sometimes a user can send some bot traffic and other invalid traffic, which we do not allow and for such users there payments will be canceled and their account will be deleted by our team. So to ensure our ad networks are happy with us and also to keep earndone in profit, we need to check your traffic before completing your payments.

We now stared the 15 Days payment hold function, I know some of you users might not love it but it's very necessary for our site to keep running and for you all to keep using it!

Don't worry its not as much complicated at it may seem. Just read this example and you will understand about earndone's payment system:

Suppose you withdrew 5$ through eanrdone in whichever payment method you like on 1st of June, then your withdrawal will be completed on 15th of June. 

Simple! Isn't it?

Many of you also want to see Payment's proof, so we recommend you to join our telegram! Open telegram app and search @earndonegroup and click the result with our icon to see payments proof whenever we complete users payments

For any other queries or to seek help mail us at [email protected]

Published on: 10/3/20, 3:17 PM